I’ve had all different kinds of calls from places offering me money, but the only place that I felt listened to me, understood my needs and wanted to help, was ProMED.  My rep was very helpful, cordial, and professional throughout the process and focused on giving me the option to make an educated choice, rather than pushing a sale.

Alma Perez
ACP Primary Care, Inc

I’ve learned over the last few weeks that there are a lot of other businesses that do what ProMED does, but I truly do not believe anyone does it better!  The professionalism, compassion, knowledge, and ability to educate me on the various programs are all second to none! I honestly feel as though when I’m talking to ProMED that I am a priority to them.  That is how ALL businesses should treat their clients.

Timothy Brown
D.C., President & Owner
Brown Chiropractic Corp.